Ideal for an after-lunch chill out. Regardless of your age, there are plenty of brain challenging activities and some for the couch surfers, too!

We also do have a swimming pool but also the table!
A favourite at many a resort and we’ve got one as well!
A good chance to hustle your friends in this one!
Think tac tik toe but on a bigger scale!
Test your aiming and coordination skills to the best
This is for the kid in you!
Test your flexibility as you twist your way in this crowd pleaser
Use the blocks to build as high as you can before the structure all comes crashing down!
Don’t we all just love carrom?
If you’ve been inspired by The Queen’s Gambit, here’s your chance to try your hand at chess!

We have a great selection of board games to choose from!

We have plenty of card games too to enjoy!