There are plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. Whether you just want to have some fun with kicking the ball about or wanting to test your limits, there is something for everyone. That’s not all – our activities are constantly evolving so you can be assured that the next time you visit us there is new adventures to have!

This is a very popular team activity which promotes the members to follow the leader. Once the team gets into a rhythm, moving the planks at a fast pace will be main goal in order to finish the task quickly. The member at the front would be advised to call out commands such as “left” and “right” and the members behind activate that respective foot.

Planning will be key here as you need to decide which member passes through which opening. Careful consideration should be taken based on the height and width of the member as the easier ones should be reserved for the members who will have more difficulty passing through. Taking time to plan is essential in order to avoid failure!

The plank should only be moved to pass one barrel at a time and the barrel at the back should be moved quickly and be placed at the front. Only once this is done, can the plank be moved or else the team risks falling off. The person at the front and back should communicate effectively with the members moving the planks so that the plank is moved by the appropriate amount.

Slow and steady wins the race here! The focus should be to avoid falling down and making sure both members are well balanced as you are only as strong as your weakest link. Move carefully and together and you will reach the end in no time.

Since this is more of an individual challenge, the team should be cheering on while the member attempts to climb over the wall. Since this will be quite a physical exertion, pay special attention to stamina levels of each member and giving each person sufficient recover time would be advisable.